Q&A with Blue Norther

February 9, 2023

Austin Pittman, CEO of Blue Norther, shares his expereince with American Canning's printed can art process. Blue Norther is launching a new line of ranch water that the team wanted to experiement with new artwork and printing techniques for.

Can you briefly describe your art process and how you believe aTULC printing technology helped achieve your brand vision?

With our Ranch Water line, we set out with an audacious goal: to create the most visually striking canned beverage on the Texas market. We scoured the country for design talent and pitched a unique concept that celebrated our shared Texas-Mexican culture. The colors and designs that ensued were out of this world, but fell flat on a standard can. aTULC brought a new palette of colors to bear, and most importantly the transparent inks allowed the design to really pop off the can. It made Ranch Water irresistible. 

How does the final print compare to the sleeve proof that you approved?  Describe how the different process was

Proofing is always a challenge, especially when you fall in love with the product. We were concerned that the final product would be materially different - but our concerns were alleviated when we visited the plant. The cans are about a 99%match - they're spot on

What are you most excited for in terms of customers seeing these new cans?

I can't wait to see the first person buy and hold the can… to see the wonder as they turn it around in their hands. And then, to watch the people around them as they walk by. My hope is that they get a whole lot of "Woah. Where can I get that?"

How would you describe the quality of print on your finished cans?

The print looks great! Great quality, and an umatched "shine" due to the transparent inks. These are, hands down, the best cans we've ever produced for the Blue Norther brand.