Increased Shrink Sleeve Capacity

June 7, 2022

American Canning has officially opened their second shrink-sleeve line. Operational as of June 1,2022, the additional line increases their sleeving capacity and ability to service craft beverage producers needing decorated cans at lower minimum quantity orders.

VP of Operations at American Canning, Russ Spooner, said, “Our company is here to serve the small- to mid-sized craft beverage makers, and sleeving is one of the most valuable options for them to get their brand out there. It’s part of who we are.”

American Canning first offered shrink-sleeved cans, serving as a distributor for an outside vendor, in 2017, and vertically integrated the decoration option by purchasing their own equipment in 2019.

Sleeved cans allowed the company to serve craft beverage producers by creating an approachable minimum order quantity, price and lead time for decorated cans. The demand for this decoration type has only heightened as printed cans become scarce, and the company is seeking to absorb craft’s excess demand in time for peak canning season.

“The focus for sleeving is small- to mid-size producers, and for peak season, we needed the added capacity in order to keep up with demand,” said Spooner. “It gives us the opportunity to be more efficient. We’ll have two lines running – doubling the line capacity.”

American Canning recognizes the perception that shrink-sleeved cans currently have in regard to environmental impact and is doing what is possible to meet craft’s demands effectively and sustainably.

“It’s a question on choices. Our team is always looking, always following what is happening in that field, and trying to find more sustainable options,” said Spooner. “If it’s out there, I’m confident that we know about it and when there are new technologies, we will explore them.”

The implementation of two sleeving lines completes phase two of American Canning’s 2022 operations expansion; coming after the new building move and looking toward the opening of a can manufacturing plant in the fall.