American Canning Announces New CFO

March 24, 2022

Sunil Surana joins American Canning’s executive leadership team as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) as of March 2022. This position comes onboard to support our continued growth and impending expansion products.

Sunil Surana, American Canning CFO

Surana has two decades of experience in finance roles for companies varying in size across industries primarily in food and beverage. He joins American Canning from Outer Aisle Gourmet, LLC. where he served as CFO for 2 years.

CEO and Co-Founder, David Racino, said, “We wanted to find someone with strong analytical capabilities, yet able to understand the operational complexities of our business. Sunil’s experience in both CPG and manufacturing businesses gives him a unique perspective we are truly excited about.”

As the CFO, Surana is responsible for accounting operations, financial analysis and strategic planning. He said he is excited to take on this role in anticipation of American Canning’s culture and growth trajectory.

“It’s amazing the way the company has developed in terms of niches it has found and how it has taken advantage of those niches,” Surana said. “I also think that culture is really what is going to help propel American Canning forward as it continues to grow. It creates a fun environment. You work hard, but it doesn’t feel like you’re by yourself– it’s something we’re trying to achieve together.”

Surana has exceptional experience in management and development of departments as well and will be pivotal in growing the company’s systems and personnel.  

Racino said, “Beyond his financial acumen, we were also drawn to Sunil’s desire to teach and develop talent within our existing team. We are a highly collaborative organization and Sunil’s natural curiosity will be a great fit.”

Surana said leadership is constantly evolving and he is eager to work with an inquisitive team.

“It’s really nice to have people who are engaged, problem solvers and are curious – so that’s really easy to step into,” said Surana.  

American Canning is pleased to welcome this addition to the executive team and looks forward to how he will allow the company to propel throughout their expansion and beyond.