10 Year Anniversary Party

September 30, 2022

This September, American Canning is celebrating our 10-year anniversary! While ten years is an incredible milestone for any startup, the significance of this milestone, to me, lies within the reasons why ourcustomers have allowed us to continue serving them for more than a decade.

The craft beverage industry has changed significantly throughout the last ten years; cans were virtually inaccessible to small beverage producers when we started in 2012, and it has been incredible to be a founding member of a group that has worked to create the aluminum can ecosystem we know today.

I attribute much of our success to the team’s adaptability and commitment to dreaming and creating new and better solutions, allowing us to grow with our customers. What started as a single mobile canning line and a box truck is now a global supplier to the craft beverage industry, allowing premium brands the opportunity to share their craft with the world. I couldn’timagine a more emphatic way to ring the 10-year bell than by commissioning the first craft-focused aTULC can manufacturing plant at our new HQ in Austin, TX!

I am so proud of the company we have built, but I’m mostly proud of the way we have done it—through building strong relationships with our customers, our vendors, and most of all, our team. I am so grateful to our team and our partners for these last ten years and I’m equally as excited for what the next ten holds.

Cheers! -David Racino, Co-founder & CEO